Hard Water Solutions

Puremist Hard Water Solutions

 For more than 30 years Puremist has been providing water treatment solutions, installations, service and parts. This truly integrated approach is unique in the industry, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your equipment.

 Benefits of Puremist Products:

  •  One-Stop Shop - Puremist provides sales and service for your hard water, and water filtration needs.
  •   High Quality - If it's not quality, we won't sell it. Puremist uses the highest quality parts in all of our equipment.
  •   Adaptable - Let us know what you want and we will make it happen. We find solutions for all your needs.
  •   3M Distributor - Puremist is a proud distributor of 3M. With the help of 3M we have filters stocked for any application and any water issue.
  •   Innovative - Puremist is always on the cutting edge of the latest trends, technologies, and tools to reduce downtime and save money.
  •   Economical - Our experience, expertise, and the investment in fully stoked service vans and highly trained technicians help us reduce your downtime and the number of callbacks. 

Replacement parts

Puremist carries a full line of replacement parts for all makes and models of misting, humidification, hard water and sanitation equipment.

Puremist Parts

Puremist carries a large inventory of high quality parts, filters, pumps and valves for all makes and models of misting, humidification, water treatment and sanitation equipment. Whether you need filters or fittings, gauges and timers, we have what you need to keep your equipment running smoothly and your profits increasing. Plus, our highly trained technicians are there when you need them for service and installation


The healthy alternative to water softeners

ScaleBlaster has shown through studies to be a full store solution; by decreasing your energy costs, and prolonging the life of all your stores equipment that comes in contact with water.

The primary energy savings result from a decrease in energy consumption in heating and cooling applications.

Scale build reduces the thermal efficiency of heating systems by increasing the time it takes to achieve the required temperature.

Some of ScaleBlaster's benefits are as followed

  • 1/4 of scale build up in water lines can increase your energy bill by 40%
  • Reduced scale build-up on produce mirrors and cases
  • Extends the life of capital equipment and downtime
  • Decreased energy cost while increasing efficiency on cooling tower applications
  • Elimination of water softeners and monthly chemical expenses

Reverse Osmosis

Hard water is a major issue for some of our customers, we are able to help reduce this build up with our own line of Reverse Osmosis. Like our other equipment our RO machines are made with the highest quality equipment which insures durability, and with a larger membrane we reduce down-time and maintenance. 

Why Puremist Reverse Osmosis

  • Reduces up to 90% of dissolved solid