Misting Systems

Puremist designs and installs misting systems that improve the quality, appearance and shelf life of fresh produce and cut labor costs. Produce departments equipped with a Puremist misting system can expect sales increases resulting in increased profits.

All systems are built using quality parts from leading manufacturer and developer of perishable food control systems, Fractal ™.

Benefits of Misting Systems

  • Increased sales and profits – Reduced shrinkage and enhanced product appearance significantly impacts produce sales and sales across the store.

  • Reduced shrinkage – Consistent misting helps produce adsorb water, re-hydrate and regain weight.

  • Lower labor costs – Reduced hand-watering and mopping cuts labor time and cost and frees up labor for more profitable activities.

  • Enhanced produce appearance and quality – Puremist misting systems make produce look fresh, crisp and vibrant to keep sales and profits up.

Misting System Options

Puremist offers multiple misting solutions to fit your needs and size requirements.

  • Tap Water – Uses standard tap water for the misting processes.

  • Filtered Water – Uses filtered water where the natural and man-made chemicals have been removed. This reduces maintenance costs and provides operational savings.

  • Reverse Osmosis – Uses a low energy process to substantially reduce contaminants naturally found in water along with bacteria and e coli. It does not kill or eliminate bacteria with no residual characteristics. Reverse osmosis systems extend the life of produce misting equipment by reducing water damage to the equipment components. Click here for more on reverse osmosis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need to mist produce?

Produce departments equipped with a Puremist misting system can expect sales increases resulting in increased profits. The major reason for sales increases involves enhanced produce quality and reduction of shrinkage.

How much can a store reduce shrinkage using a Puremist misting system?

Research also indicates that dramatic reduction in shrinkage resulting from use of a Puremist misting system. Table 1 provides a comparison of weekly shrinkage at a produce section in a typical supermarket with sales averaging $500.00 per week.


With Misting System (Amount Discarded)

No Misting System (Amount Discarded)

Retail Price

Total Savings


5 lbs.

10 lbs.

$.32 lbs.


Carrots (clip top)

2 lbs.

14 lbs.

$.31 lbs.


Bok Choy

3 lbs.

10 lbs.

$.48 lbs


Red Potatoes

1 lbs.

8 lbs.

$.19 lbs



5 lbs.

15 lbs.

$.51 lbs.


White Potatoes

1 lbs.

8 lbs.

$.24 lbs.



4 bunches

21 bunches

$.51 bunch



20 each

45 each

$.54 each



14 each

21 each

$.44 each


Mustard Greens

4 each

24 each

$.59 each



5 lbs.

10 lbs.

$.30 lbs.


Leaf Lettuce

10 heads

50 heads

$.60 head



12 bunches

70 bunches

$.33 bunch


Green Onions

6 bunches

42 bunches

$.33 bunch



10 each

20 each

$.34 each



5 bunches

10 bunches

$.58 bunch



7 lbs.

14 lbs.

$.33 lbs.



Total: $130.80

What types of sales increases are typical with a Puremist misting system?

Based on the information in Table 1, use of a Puremist misting system results in an estimated average weekly savings of approximately $130.80 in shrinkage costs per week, with an average yearly savings of $6801.60. Estimated savings for produce departments with sales greater than $5,000 per week is shown below in table 2.

Average Sales Per Week

 Savings Per Year









Shrink reduction is the largest single area of benefit. Proper moisture maintenance is critical in the control of shrink and is especially difficult to achieve manually in a 24-hour format where produce personnel are not constantly present. The use of Puremist's misting equipment has a documented benefit of shrink reduction of approximately 50%.

How much can a store reduce hand watering with a Puremist misting system?

The reallocation of labor from general department maintenance duties to revenue generating activities is a significant benefit of produce misting systems. Hand watering and associated mopping due to splash back will be virtually eliminated. Hand watering once an hour for a period of five minutes would equal one hour and 20 minutes everyday for the 16 hours that produce personnel are present. The total time required to hand water would equal 40 hours per months or 480 hours annually; these labor hours could be used in more profitable activities.

How is quality enhanced with misting?

The consistent application of moisture maintains the highest level of freshness and highlights the natural colors for the greatest eye appeal. Sales increases are frequently reported after Puremist misting systems are installed.

Does Puremist install and maintain misting systems?

Yes. Puremist offers a completely integrated approach offering high quality misting equipment, parts and installation and service . This saves you time and money.