Puremist Products

For more than 25 years Puremist has been providing misting, humidification and sanitation solutions, installation, service and parts. Puremist designs and installs each system and backs it with expert, in-house service and support. This truly integrated approach is unique in the industry, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your equipment.

Puremist Product Family

From farm to fork, Puremist is dedicated to providing the best solutions to our customers to ensure a high quality end product that will increase their overall sales and profits.

Benefits of Puremist Products

  • One-stop shop – Puremist has an integrated approach offering equipment, parts and service all in one place.

  • High quality – Puremist systems use only high quality parts.

  • Adaptable – Our custom built systems are flexible to accommodate any configuration or need.

  • Innovative – Puremist stays on top of the latest trends, technologies and tools to deliver advanced systems for our customers.

  • Economical – Our expertise, superior service and large parts inventory saves you time and money.

  • Fractal™ Misting Equipment – Our comprehensive line of Fractal™ misting equipment keeps your produce looking fresh and crisp while dramatically reducing shrinkage. Learn more

  • Spray bars – Puremist offers a full line of easy-to-operate, low maintenance and adjustable spray bars, nozzles, tubes, timers and associated components.

  • Fractal™ Humidification Equipment – Our versatile line of Fractal™ humidification equipment increases and maintains the humidity in deli, meat, poultry and seafood services cases as well as floral and storage coolers. Learn more

  • Sanitation Equipment

  • Mobile voice promotional solutions – Our MVP systems alert customers when misting systems are activated.

  • Replacement parts – Puremist carries a full line of replacement parts for all makes and models of misting, humidification, hard water and sanitation equipment. LEarn more (link to replacement pats page).