Reverse Osmosis

Reduce water damage with a Fractal™ Reverse Osmosis System

Fractal™ Reverse Osmosis water filtration equipment reduces water mineral content and extends the life of your equipment at a low cost.

Puremist carries the Fractal™ line of Reverse Osmosis systems with several reverse osmosis applications. Our custom built systems are designed to your specific needs.

Why Puremist Reverse Osmosis

  • Reduces up to 90% of dissolved solids

  • Specifically designed for grocery applications

  • Fits easily under cases or wall mounted

  • Easy to install and maintain 

Does Puremist install and maintain Reverse Osmosis Systems?

Yes. Puremist offers a completely integrated approach offering high quality parts, installation and service . This saves you time and money.

Why Do I Need Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis is a filtration system which is used to make purified water by removing the damaging substances from water molecules in your business':

  • Service Cases

  • Ice & Water Machines

  • Bakery Proofers

  • Produce Misting